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Introducing the New ST Series Jigs ~ These Jigs are hand tied with custom designed silicone that fades from one color to another on a single strand. Currently available in 8 patterns and a boat load of head types, weights and hook sizes. Click here for all the details.
Pumpkin Blue Rainbow Craw Vanderveer Craw
Introducing the New ScentPOD Series Jigs ~ These bite size jigs not only look great they taste good too. You can add your favorite scent to the micro fiber ScentPOD that is hand tied on each jig. The ScentPOD is a thick micro fiber material that absorbes and holds any type of scent longer. Currently available in 13 patterns and a boat load of head types, weights and hook sizes. Click here for all the details.
Three Rivers Craw Mississippi Craw BLW Craw
Introducing the New BROOM JIGS ~ These Jigs are hand tied with large Round Living Rubber. Living Rubber as the name implies, adds life like action to this jig. Currently available in 6 patterns and a boat load of head types, weights and hook sizes. Click here for all the details.
Brown Broom Brown Olive Broom Brown Pumpkin Blue Broom
Natural Series Jigs ~ Over the many years of accumulating data on jig patterns, colors, head types and everything else you can think of, we may have finally found perfection. So for now where not quite ready to "Let the Cat out of the Bag" and give intimate details about what makes these Jigs so irresistible to bass. Get some and see for yourself. More info..
Natural Brown Craw Natural June Bug Craw Natural Root Beer Craw
Standard Jigs ~
Check out these custom jig patterns available on the most complete line of head types, weights and hook sizes anywhere!
Carmillia Melon Alabama Craw II Great Lakes Craw
Finesse Jigs for Big Bass
Finesse Jigs are just the ticket for those big largemouth's or smallies that won't bite a big bait. Check out these or our complete stock of custom patterns.
Cinnamon Purple Fall Craw Green Pumpkin
Giant West Coast Jigs
Large baits like the swimbait, a west coast style of fishing are making headlines on the tournament trail. Professional anglers are using these giant baits on lakes and river systems all over the country. Take a look at these Giant Jigs.
  Watermelon Pumpkin Crawdad
Stick Bait Jigs ~ Only at ProBassShop.Net
The Stick Bait Jig can be fished in all types of cover or skipped under docks. Wacky rig the stick bait on the Mustad Premium Nickel Hook. Fish strike the bait as it slowly falls with pulsing action to the bottom. You will only find this product on ProBassShop.Net
Green Purple Purple Watermelon Candy
Premier Spinnerbaits
Every Premier Spinnerbait is balanced to perform properly out of the package, and the layered premium silicone skirts are hand-tied to ensure correct strand orientation. Check out these patterns or our complete pattern selection.
FireTiger BlueGill II Tenn Shad
Boat Control While You Fish by Denny Brauer
You simply cannot catch fish if you are not around them, but even when you are around them you will not catch them if you are spooking them with your boat.
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Edwin Evers: Fish Your Trails - The recent Grand Lake Bassmaster Elite Series in Oklahoma was an excellent study in how to fish offshore on new water. Four of the Top 5 competitors worked offshore brush, but only winner Mike McClelland had significant experience on the lake. More info...

Check out these reviews on Tackle, Rods, Sonar, GPS and more fishing related products. Find out the pros and cons before you buy.

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Kevin Van Dam - gives a tip on the proper kind of hooks for crankbaits, one of his favorite new lures, and seeing "red"
Luke Clausen - talks about a new weight with great sensitivity from Tru-Tungsten.
Scott Martin - talks about fishing rattling baits in the spring time and listening to what the fish tell you about the right bait.
David Dudley - gets down and dirty on how to be successful in fishing and how to eliminate the excuses and just going through the motions.
John Crews - talks about the best way to set up your new boat including tackle and rod storage options, special items for emergencies and saving casts.
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